Increasing Proficiency in Human Anatomy and Physiology

The purpose of my action research is to increase the mastery of Human Anatomy and Physiology frameworks by introducing my students to new forms of multimedia.

I began this process by asking what would happen to test scores if students were taught Biology I and its feeder courses by the implementation of techniques gained from Brain-Based Learning? What if, rather than the student passively listening to lecture, they were actually engaged? What if, the student was no longer simply preparing for multiple choice test, but instead mastering any type of assessment thrown at them? ¬†What if, the student was an active part of their learning by being engaged with “clicker” lesson instead of traditional ¬†PowerPoint lectures, concept mapping to establish relationships, Venn diagrams, and kinesthetic instruction to create novelty and a memorable learning experience? Wouldn’t they be more prepared to teach their students? Would that have given a student that little edge to be able to answer one more question right to prevent failing the Human Anatomy and Physiology End of Course Exam?

I hope to demonstrate how I am improving my practice, as well as how I can contribute to the body of literature by improving the quality of science education.